upright refrigerators , Ψυγεία Θάλαμοι

Upright Refrigerators is one of the flagships of INOMAK Refrigerators for four decades.

Their core values they are engineered with, are  resilience, performance and flexibility. Our goal is to manufacture a sturdy product that will last a lifetime and which will, beyond any doubt, perform. The fact that they are a best seller in more than 34 countries is indicative of that!

From 1st of July 2016, they are Classified for their Energy Consumption in accordance with the EU Legislation and since that time, the reduction of energy consumption of our products and its footprint on our planet, as well as, its “footprint” on the financials of every Catering related Business, has become even more, a major concern for us. The following years, the focus is on continuously reducing the Energy consumption of our Upright Refrigerators without though, sacrificing performance!