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Kit Euronorm (for trays 60x40cm)

Accessories & Conversion Kits



One of the most interesting accessories. With it, it is now possible for Euronorm trays(60cm X 40cm)

to be used in all INOMAK Upright Refrigerator models, except the Slim Line models.

The kit consists of 4 vertical S/S guides that replace the existing guides.

The horizontal shelf guides are not included in the kit.







Bridging Shelf


Bridging Shelf

Use these accessories to bridge the gap between shelves and maximize the storage capacity

of the Upright by minimizing dead spaces.The bridging shelf “bridges” the gap between

twoadjacent shelves, allowing thus, the storage of items on top of it.











Hanging Kit

hanging kit

This kit makes the storage of large pieces of meat products in INOMAK uprights easier.

It contains 2pcs of horizontal shelf guides properly modified to hold 2 pcs of S/S pipe

25mm in diameter from which the products can be hanged.

The hanging kit can be used in all INOMAK Uprights except from the Slim Line models.







Stainless Steel Shelves

SS shelves



For all Upright Refrigerators, Refrigerated Counters & Saladettes

there are also Stainless Steel Shelves available.

The material is AISI 304 18/8-10 of the finest quality.