Base motor Saladette
Base motor Saladette

Every Professional Catering Facility is equipped with a Base Motor Saladette, which is probably the most popular item of the industry! INOMAK Refrigerators’ proposition is a sturdy,  high quality product in 2 versions, one with a stainless steel lid and one with a full glass display structure!

The Glass Display on all our products has been redesigned for Style & functionality and features a top glass exclusively found on our Products!

Base Motor Saladette Counter – Characteristics

  • Constructed from stainless steel AISI 304 18/8-10.
  • Equipped with Tempered Glass (SECURIT).
  • Anti-corrosive protection on the evaporators.
  • Injected polyurethane foam insulation, 50mm in thickness (CFC & HCFC free, 42±2 Kg/m3 density).
  • Ergonomic designed doors.
  • Hygienically designed rounded corners.
  • Clip-on shelving system.
  • Clip-on magnetic gaskets.
  • Refrigeration system: Ventilated.
  • Bottom mounted motor.
  • Touchscreen thermostat.

ModelDimensionsVolumeDoors GN PansShelvesOperating TemperatureRefrigerant
BSV771080x700x90522623x 1/12 GN 1/1+3 / +10R134a
BSV73001080x700X130022623x 1/12 GN 1/1+3 / +10R134a