“What are the advantages of protecting the evaporator in a refrigerator?”

This is one of the most common questions we are asked from those looking to use our refrigerators. Before we move onto the response, let us talk about the evaporator and how it works in a refrigerator.

The evaporator could rightfully be called the refrigerator’s lung. It is the accessory by which energy between two liquids is exchanged and in the case of a refrigerator, the result is the maintenance of the desired temperature in the appliance’s cooling area.

For its optimal operation, sensitive materials such as aluminium and copper are used in its construction making it susceptible to corrosion thus, it is frequently described as the cooling mechanism’s weak link. If acidic substances, which are stored on occasion in

evaporator , εναλλάκτη θερμότητας

the cooling area, are added then its susceptibility is increased and its protection becomes imperative.

Refrigerant leakages as well as the existence of corrosion of an accessory inside the food area not only raise a health and safety issue, but significantly influence the refrigerator’s energy consumption. A study that has been carried out by the manufacturer of the protective coating that we use on our refrigerators’ evaporators, showed that evaporator corrosion is the major reason for reduced performance and that its protection may contribute to savings of up to 30% on the appliance’s annual energy consumption.

Protecting the evaporator is beyond necessary. It is an essential choice that is immediately evident in how your appliance works and in your business’ finances.