Bain Marie with Sneeze Guard from INOMAK Refrigerators
Bain Marie with Sneeze Guard , Μπαίν Μαρί με Sneeze Guard
Bain Marie with Sneeze Guard , Μπαίν Μαρί με Sneeze Guard

Stylish & Uniquely shaped especially for INOMAK, curved top glass!

Single & Double Sneeze Guard is available!

8mm thick glasses!

Technical Characteristics for Bain Maries with Sneeze Guard:

  • Construction from stainless steel AISI 304 18/8-10. Check more information here.
  • Equipped with one halogen heating lamp per 1/1 Gastronorm pan.
  • Wet-well operation.
  • Available on Neutral or Heated Cupboard.
  • Ergonomic designed double-wall sliding doors, insulated with polyurethane foam.
  • The temperature in the Bain Marie (max.90oC) and in the Heated Cupboard (max.72oC), are controlled by separate Touch Screen Thermostats.
  • Maximum GN pan depth allowed: 150mm.
  • Stainless Steel feet adjustable in height.

INOMAK Catering Equipment Manufacturing Company.

ModelDimensionsPansSneeze GuardHeated CupboardRated Power
MJV7111105x700x13153x GN 1/1SingleYes4,24
MJV7141410x700x13154x GN 1/1SingleYes4,37
MJV7181795x700x13155x GN1/1SingleYes5,10
MVV7111105x700x13153x GN 1/1SingleNo2,39
MVV7141410x700x13154x GN 1/1SingleNo2,52
MVV7181795x700x13155x GN1/1SingleNo3,25
MRV7111105x700x13153x GN 1/1DoubleNo2,39
MRV7141410x700x13154x GN 1/1DoubleNo2,52
MRV7181795x700x13155x GN1/1DoubleNo3,25
MQV7111105x700x13153x GN 1/1DoubleYes4,24
MQV7141410x700x13154x GN 1/1DoubleYes4,37
MQV7181795x700x13155x GN1/1DoubleYes5,10