Prunus Series

Refrigerated Counter with Glass Doors

Quick & easy inventory control!


Prunus Series Refrigerated Counters feature 6 models and are tools for effective inventory management, contributing to a smoother operation of a professional kitchen and business as a whole.

Important features are the corrosion-protected evaporator and denser shelves, designed so that bottles can be stored in an upright position safely!

Finally, the Prunus Series Counters are also available without a top for built-in installations but also with a top with an upstand, as well as a sink bowl!



  • AISI 304 18/8-10 stainless steel construction at 700mm & 600mm depths
  • Anti-corrosive protection on the evaporators
  • Triple glazed Glass Door with an auto-return mechanism at positions of 90° or less
  • Their shelves are specially designed to safely store most bottles in the upright position
  • Injected polyurethane foam insulation, 50mm in thickness
  • Hygienically designed rounded corners, clip-on shelving system, clip-on magnetic gaskets easy to clean
  • LED lighting system
  • Forced air circulation technology
  • Embedded thermostat for easy operation and cleaning
  • Available with an upstand or without the worktop and also with wheels upon request

Specs Table

Model Dimensions (mm) Capacity (Lt.) Doors No Shelves No Operating Temperature°C Refrigerant Compressor
PNR99/GL 1345x700x875 270 2 2 GN 1/1 +3 / +10 R134a Embraco
PNR999/GL 1790x700x875 421 3 3 GN 1/1 +3 / +10 R134a Embraco
PNR9999/GL 2240x700x875 571 4 4 GN 1/1 +3 / +10 R134a Embraco
PMR99/GL 1345x600x875 224 2 2 +3 / +10 R134a Embraco
PMR999/GL 1790x600x875 350 3 3 +3 / +10 R134a Embraco
PMR9999/GL 2240x600x875 475 4 4 +3 / +10 R134a Embraco