Low Touch Dispensers for Bottles & Cans

Change the way drinks are served, safely!


A Unique System of Dispensers for canned and bottled drinks, assuring the contact between people and the product will be minimum, while at the same time, promotes maximum functionality of the refrigerator!



  • 4 different Automatic Dispenser’s sizes for accommodating the majority of the available bottles!
  • Automatic front facing!
  • Reduced Contact with the stored product!
  • Faster Restocking with Reduced labor costs!
  • Enhanced appearance as the shelves visually appear always full and neat!
  • FIFO Shelf management system!
  • Better Planogram Management!
  • Combination of more than one Bottle Size on the same shelf is possible!
  • Universal Application and easy mounting on conventional Shelves!

Specs Table

Description Packaging (Rows) Capacity (No of Bottles/cans)
Visi Fast 1,5lt 6 6
Visi Fast 750 ml 8 7
Visi Fast 330ml -500ml 10 8
Visi Fast 250ml -330ml 11 9