Bain Maries on Cupboard

Functionality & flexible design!


Bain Maries On Cupboard by INOMAK offer high quality performance to the modern Foodservice Professional.



  • Versatile showcase design with conversion capability depending on the use & 8mm thick glasses
  • Sneeze guard top glass specially designed for INOMAK showcases
  • AISI 304 18/8-10 stainless steel construction
  • They are available in three versions: full showcase system, with sneeze guard top glass and without a display case
  • Equipped with one halogen heating lamp per 1/1 Gastronorm pan
  • Wet-well operation
  • Low water level protection with buzzer
  • Available on a neutral or heated cupboard
  • Ergonomic designed double-wall sliding doors, insulated with pressurized polyurethane foam
  • The temperature in the Bain Marie (max.90oC) and in the Heated Cupboard (max.72oC), are controlled by separate Thermostats
  • Maximum GN pan depth allowed: 150m

Specs Table

Model Dimensions (mm) GN Pans Sneeze Guard Heated Cupboard Rated Power (Kw/230V)
MFV711 1105x700x1315 3x GN1/1 Νο 2,39
MFV714 1410x700x1315 4x GN1/1 Νο 2,52
MFV718 1795x700x1315 5x GN1/1 Νο 3,25
MIV711 1105x700x1315 3x GN1/1 Yes 4,24
MIV714 1410x700x1315 4x GN1/1 Yes 4,37
MIV718 1795x700x1315 5x GN1/1 Yes 5,10
MDV711 1105x700x865 3x GN1/1 No 2,00
MDV714 1410x700x865 4x GN1/1 No 2,00
MDV718 1795x700x865 5x GN1/1 No 2,60
MHV711 1105x700x865 3x GN1/1 Yes 3,85
MHV714 1410x700x865 4x GN1/1 Yes 3,85
MHV718 1795x700x865 5x GN1/1 Yes 4,45
MJV711 1105x700x1315 3x GN1/1 Single Yes 4,24
MJV714 1410x700x1315 4x GN1/1 Single Yes 4,37
MJV718 1795x700x1315 5x GN1/1 Single Yes 5,10
MVV711 1105x700x1315 3x GN1/1 Single No 2,39
MVV714 1410x700x1315 4x GN1/1 Single No 2,52
MVV718 1795x700x1315 5x GN1/1 Single No 3,25
MRV711 1105x700x1315 3x GN1/1 Double No 2,39
MRV714 1410x700x1315 4x GN1/1 Double No 2,52
MRV718 1795x700x1315 5x GN1/1 Double No 3,25
MQV711 1105x700x1315 3x GN1/1 Double Yes 4,24
MQV714 1410x700x1315 4x GN1/1 Double Yes 4,37
MQV718 1795x700x1315 5x GN1/1 Double Yes 5,10