Prunus Series

Chiller or Freezer Cabinets with Glass Doors

Promote your business values to your customers by displaying your raw materials in the most effective way!

Prunus Series Cabinets feature eight models and are tools for an effective inventory management and display, contributing to a smoother operation of a professional kitchen and of the business as a whole.

The Chillers provide as an important feature, the corrosion-protected evaporator and the shelves suitable for upright storage of bottles, while the Freezer the anti-fog film on the door glass.

As of this year, 4 new models are added, that work with the naturally occurring refrigerant R290 for more than 20% Energy savings!

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  • AISI 304 18/8-10 stainless steel heavy duty construction
  • Anti-corrosive protection on the chillers’ evaporators
  • R404A refrigerant an environment-friendly, naturally occurring refrigerant R290 for more than 20% energy savings
  • Freezers feature a frame heated by electric resistance
  • Their shelves are specially designed to safely store most bottles designs in an upright position
  • Injected polyurethane foam insulation, 60mm in thickness
  • Triple glazed Glass Door with lock and auto-return mechanism at positions of 90° or less
  • Hygienically designed rounded corners, clip-on shelving system, clip-on magnetic gaskets easy to clean
  • Defrost and evaporation of the condensate water
  • LED lighting system
  • Forced air circulation technology
  • Embedded thermostat easy to operate and clean

Specs Table

Model Dimensions (mm) Capacity (Lt.) Doors No Shelves No Operating Tempetature°C Refrigerant Energy Class
CAP172/GL 720x905x2100 654 1 3 -2 / +8 R290 Embraco
CAS172/GL 720x905x2100 654 1 3 -2 / +8 R290 Embraco
CEP2144/GL 1440x905x2100 1432 2 6 -2 / +8 R290 Embraco
CEP2144/GL 1440x905x2100 1432 2 6 -2 / +8 R290 Embraco
CES2144/GL 1440x905x2100 1432 2 3 -2/+8 R404A Tecumseh
CBS170/GL 720x905x2100 654 1 3 -18 / -0 R404A Embraco
CFP2144/GL 1440x905x2120 1432 2 6 -18 / -10 R290 Embraco
CFS2144/GL 1440x905x2120 1432 2 6 -18 / 0 R404A Tecumseh