Shelves for Bottled Wine 750ml

The true spirit of Multi-Purpose Philosophy!


A useful and unique wire shelf for safely & efficiently storage of all shapes of 750ml Wine bottles in a lying position!  It is known that during the longterm storage wine the cork should in contact with the liquid so as to remain properly hydrated. This also applies to short-term storage as a badly preserved cork can turn out to be very costly in the end.

This Shelf is specifically designed to be used in the Multi-Purpose Coloured Cabinets but can work with the Prunus, Cypress, and Ramnus Serii Cabinets, as well!

When used with the Perforated S/S Shelves with or without the reverse glass attachment and the Anti-Drop Guides, you can turn a Multi-Purpose Glass Door Cabinet into a smart & elegant Wine serving & storing Cooler, that will surely stand out of the crowd with its uniqueness and of its technical characteristics and performance!