Code of Business Conduct

1. Introduction

This Code defines the general framework of accepted professional conduct for the company. This is intended to explain the principles of professional ethics by which INOMAK wants to operate and be the company’s guide to the everyday professional conduct of the entire staff.

The Code is complemented by the Company Regulations and Policies.

The Company’s management members, executives, employees and associates are required to understand and comply with the Code, defending the Company’s values and adopting professional attitudes.


2. Employment relationships

Relationships between the company and the employees are based on the common understanding of an inseparable connection between the parties, with both parties being responsible for systematic fostering and promotion of a culture of cooperation based on honesty, respect and open communication.

INOMAK’s employees must avoid activities that run counter to the company’s interests, smooth operation and progress, expose it to competition, or damage its public image.

Child labor, work under the influence of alcohol or drugs and their use or movement in the workplace, as well as the practice of any form of violence, are forbidden within the company.

All employees shall be obliged to protect corporate information (know-how, business plans, manufacturing practices, commercial policies, financial data). The transmission of this information in the company’s internal or external environment is only allowed for the smooth conduct of the particular job requested by the company itself.

It is all employees’ duty to respect and protect all company’s assets and resources.

In the context of cooperating with colleagues and partners, employees must show courtesy, be dressed properly and apply common rules of personal care and hygiene.

Employees shall have all the rights deriving from the provisions of the current legislation, from the Labor Code and their individual employment contract with the company, from decisions taken unilaterally by the company as part of  their management rights and communicated to the employees. They also have the right of:

  • A hearing from their immediate supervisor or the Human Resources Department
  • Written complaints or petitions where the company is required to provide a response within a reasonable time

An employee who submits a request, complaint, or petition on any matter will not be adversely affected by such action, unless the objections referred to are deliberately false.


3. Non-Discrimination Policy

The company complies with the existing legislation on equality for its entire workforce. In addition to legislation and having equal treatment and respect as a value for all people in INOMAK, all forms of discrimination in employment (salary or hierarchical), in education and generally in employment terms regarding sex, religion, nationality, age, health, marital status, sexual preferences or political beliefs are prohibited.

Any practice of racial and sexual harassment, physical or psychological, is not acceptable in INOMAK.


4. Health and safety

INOMAK considers the preservation of the health and physical integrity of its employees as an inviolable and fundamental principle that governs its activities. On this basis, the company seeks to improve the hygiene and safety conditions at its premises. Maintaining health and safety conditions is considered a responsibility of all employees, especially of the supervising staff.

It is the company’s obligation to comply with all the health and safety provisions of the legislation in force, take all the necessary measures and adequately train staff to recognize and address the risk.

It is employees’ obligation to faithfully implement the health and safety rules laid down by legislation and the company, as well to use their influence in the most appropriate manner to improve working conditions.


5. Society and environment

INOMAK, respecting the employees and residents of the region, takes measures for the sustainable development of the area and the protection of the ecosystem. It currently functions on the basis of an authorized special license for operation issued by the Directorate General for Sustainable Development and Climate Change of the Attica Region, keeping with all the general and specific commitments and rules, including:

  • maximum noise level
  • environmental protection measures for gaseous, solid and liquid waste from its activity

The company supports the development of technologies that minimize the impact of its products on the environment, acts in accordance with environmental standards and positively contributes to the development of its Industry. It supports public benefit purposes aiming at its positive imprint on the broader society.


6. Quality Policy

Quality for INOMAK means respect for customers and ensuring the good functioning of its products in order to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction.

INOMAK is committed to:

  • manufacture and distribute safe and quality products
  • comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements in Greece and abroad

The above are achieved through:

(a) The compliance with the Quality System applied by the company according to ISO 9001:

2015 & ISO 14001: 2015

standards and regulations

(b) The establishment of measurable quality objectives reviewed at regular intervals in order to ascertain the continuous improvement of the quality system

(c) All necessary resources (installations, equipment, training, organizational structure) and the provision of a suitable working environment for the efficient and uninterrupted operation of the company


7. Relationships with suppliers

Relationships between suppliers and employees of the company should be governed by honesty, confidentiality, respect and integrity.

The criteria of any transaction are governed by the above assumption while any kind of bribery or similar payment or personal concession is strictly forbidden. All business decision affected by such transactions (gifts, individual earnings, etc.) are not acceptable and should only be aimed solely at promoting the company’s mission. The goal in conducting transactions is to ensure reliable sources of supply, equal opportunities for suppliers and selection based on objective criteria.


8. Relationships with customers

INOMAK strives to create and maintain mutually beneficial long-term relationships with its customers; which helps its customers to achieve their goals, providing them the right level of support with the most direct response possible. The company is willing to handle fairly and quickly any remarks and complaints related to its products, with a view to learning from any mistakes made, while measuring client satisfaction.


9. Business and corporate communications

The company recognizes the importance of its good reputation as well as the fact that all communications may affect the image of both the company and the parties involved. This also applies to regular business communications (by each employee) and corporate communications.

When communicating on behalf of the company, employees must ensure that:

  • they act in accordance with main values, business conduct principles, and the other elements of this Code of Conduct, the mission of INOMAK, its vision and strategy
  • their message is true, accurate, responsive and does not mislead, while it aims at preventing the transmission of information that is incorrect or unverified
  • they behave in a professional and responsible way and do not use verbal or written formalities that could be taken as offensive, reprehensible, discriminatory or otherwise unacceptable or appropriate to the company’s work environment


10. Safety and privacy of information

Confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, in any form, are essential to the continued operation of the company.

When processing, collecting or using personal data, we respect people’s right to privacy and we follow INOMAK’s Privacy Policy in compliance with applicable law.


11. Combating money laundering, combating the financing of terrorism and international sanctions

INOMAK does not deal with parties directly or indirectly involved in unethical and/or illegal conduct such as money laundering, terrorist financing, human rights violations, or breaches of export regulations, and/or who are natural or legal persons facing problems with the law.


12. Implementation of the Code of Conduct’s principles

The Code applies to all those working for the company regardless of position, role or rank of hierarchy.

Executives are expected to set an example and create a culture that facilitates compliance with the Code of Conduct. They are the first point of contact for questions about the rules and they are responsible for ensuring that their employees know, understand and respect the spirit and the letter of the Code of Conduct.

The company has to train all its executives for the faithful adherence to the above policy, and the Human Resources Department is hereby designated as the guardian of its proper application.

Non-compliance with this Code of Conduct is taken very seriously, and any reports of malicious actions will be investigated and addressed. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action.