Optimal space utilization!


Excellent for increased storage space in the kitchen and especially above the workbench. They are pre-drilled to accept the corresponding INOMAK’s heating element. With this combo, no dish shall ever reach the customer at an improper temperature!

They can be fixed on any working surface, with the special fittings included in the box.

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  • Material AISI 304 18/8-10
  • Easy to install on top of Cupboards, Bain Maries, worktables and Refrigerated Counters! NEW
  • Designed to be combined with Heating Elements
  • Flat-box packaging

Specs Table

Model Number of Shelves Dimensions Packing Dimensions
RD311 2 1092x332x763 1120x350x100
RD314 2 1392x332x763 1420x350x100
RD316 2 1592x332x763 1620x350x100
RD318 2 1782x332x763 1810x350x100
RD319 2 1892x332x763 1910x350x100
RE311 1 1092x332x462 1120x350x100
RE314 1 1392x332x462 1420x350x100
RE316 1 1592x332x462 1620x350x100
RE318 1 1782x332x462 1810x350x100
RE319 1 1892x332x462 1910x350x100