Standalone Heated Showcase Systems

Rigidity & flexibility!


INOMAK Refrigerators showcase system is now available as a standalone product for your Custom Projects! Since it was introduced in the market, has become a favorite for its rigidity and its flexibility!

The bridges are available in 4 different sizes designed to accommodate 2-3-4-5 Gastronorm, with one halogen lamp per 1/1 GN pan. You can select each showcase piece separately as suits your applications. You can choose the appropriate glass system and all the necessary components (runners, metal parts, sliding doors, etc.) to complete your showcase!


  • They are available as a whole system as well as in pieces for Custom Projects according to the dimensions of INOMAK products for 2-3-4-5 GN 1/1
  • One halogen lamp per  GN 1/1
  • Available to mount it on the surface of your liking