Quality Systems

Quality is a core concept in INOMAK‘s philosophy and we are highly committed to it. We approach it from a Systemic point of view, focusing not only on Products’ & Operations’ Quality, but also caring about the Quality of the Environment and INOMAK’s impact on it.

Being consistent with our values we have established & successfully maintain a unified Quality System embodying EN ISO 9001:2015 & EN ISO 14001:2015.

Systems Policy

Energy Classification for Electrical Devices

As of the 1st of July 2016 for all Commercial Refrigerators (with the exception of those with glass doors and vitrines), it is mandatory by the European Legislation, to be certified for their Energy Class. Their classification must be included in the packaging in the form of the relevant sticker, in a similar way to the domestic appliances we are all accustomed to.

More specifically, according to the European Directives ΕΕ 2015/1094 & 2015/1095, apply to all commercial refrigerators (with the above exceptions), distributed within the European Union.

All refrigerators manufactured by INOMAK Refrigerators and fall within the above categories, are certified for their Energy Class from specialized laboratories as per the current legislation requirements. INOMAK Refrigerators from 2015 until today, has made huge investments in relevant technology and we will continue.

Appliances Recycles

Recycling is a process for protecting the environment in two different levels, those of pollution and natural resources utilization. Choosing to recycle our waste, we accomplish the following:

  • Lower waste production
  • Protection of the environment from dangerous material
  • The recycled material are reused, lowering the need for intensive exploitation of natural resources
  • The energy consumption for exploitation of natural resources is reduced.

Last, but not least, recycling is a choice which affects the legacy we are going to leave for the generations to come.

INOMAK Refrigerators as a producer of appliances, is registered to a recycling scheme via www.electrocycle.gr.

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