Open BainMaries On Cupboard from INOMAK Refrigerators / Μπαίν Μαρί Επιδαπέδιο χωρίς Βιτρίνα

The BainMaries without the vitrine structure on top, provide the necessary flexibility of use inside the professional kitchen and not only! These products combine exquisitely, with the double & single gantries, neutral or heated using our heating elements!

Technical Characteristics for BainMaries on cupboard without Vitrine:

  • Constructed from stainless steel AISI 304 18/8-10. Check more information here.
  • Wet-well operation.
  • Available on Neutral or Heated Cupboard.
  • Ergonomic designed double-wall sliding doors, insulated with polyurethane foam.
  • The temperature in the BainMaries (max.90oC) and in the Heated Cupboard (max.72oC), are controlled by separate Touch Screen Thermostats.
  • Maximum GN pan depth allowed: 150mm.
  • Stainless Steel feet adjustable in height.

INOMAK Catering Equipment Manufacturing Company.

ModelDimensionsPansVitrineHeated CupboardRated Power
MDV7111105x700x8653x GN 1/1No
MDV7141410x700x8654x GN 1/1NoNo2,00
MDV7181795x700x8655x GN 1/1NoNo2,60
MHV7111105x700x8653x GN 1/1NoYes3,85
MHV7141410x700x8654x GN 1/1NoYes3,85
MHV7181795x700x8655x GN1/1NoYes4,45