Portable Bain Marie with vitrine / Μπαιν Μαρι Επιτραπεζιο , Μπαίν Μαρί Επιτραπέζια με Βιτρίνα
Vitrine of the New Display Case Products of INOMAK with uniquely shaped glasses / Μπαιν Μαρι Επιδαπεδιο, Μπαίν Μαρί Επιτραπέζια με Βιτρίνα

Stylish & Uniquely shaped especially for INOMAK, curved top glass!

Convertible Display Case design, easily modified for various applications!

8mm thick glasses!

Portable Bain Marie Characteristics

  • Convertible Display Case Design easily modified for various applications.
  • Equipped with one halogen heating lamp per 1/1 GΝ
  • Wet-well operation.
  • Portable Bain Marie constructed from stainless steel AISI 304 18/8-10.
  • Models also available without a vitrine.
  • The temperature in the Bain Marie (max.90oC) is controlled by a Touch Screen Thermostats.
  • Maximum GN pan depth allowed: 150mm.

Inomak Refrigeration Products Manufacturing Company.

ModelDimensionsPansVitrineRated Power
MBV67760x630x7102 x GN1/1Yes2,26
MBV6101080x630x7103x GN1/1Yes2,39
MBV6141410x630x7104x GN1/1Yes2,52