portable bain maries , Μπαίν Μαρί Επιτραπέζια χωρίς Βιτρίνα , επιτραπέζια μπαίν μαρί


“…exquisite aromas, come in small bottles…”  and the same is true for these small gems, the Portable BainMaries without vitrines!


If you need mobility, power, flexibility in use when you serve your creations, this is the product you want to own!  Easy to carry, fill and empty when you are done, it can save you from unnecessary trouble in difficult situations! Load it on a car and create easily and with no trouble a mobile serving station anywhere!

 Portable BainMaries Technical Characteristics

  • Wet-well operation.
  • Construction from stainless steel AISI 304 18/8-10.
  • Models also available without a vitrine.
  • The temperature in the BainMaries well (max.90oC), is controlled by a Touch Screen Thermostat.
  • Maximum GN pan depth allowed: 150mm.

Inomak Refrigeration Products Manufacturing Company.

ModelDimensionsPansVitrineRated Power
MAV67760x630x2652x GN 1/1No2,00
MAV6101080x630x2653x GN 1/1No2,00
MAV6141410x630x2654x GN 1/1No2,00