portable bain maries , επιτραπέζια μπαίν μαρί
portable bain maries , Μπαίν Μαρί Επιτραπέζια χωρίς Βιτρίνα , επιτραπέζια μπαίν μαρί

Portable bain maries are considered as the ultra-flexible member of INOMAK’s Bain Maries’ family. Compact and mobile, they are ideal for mobile applications and/or for that situations where you need to keep your food at an ideal temperature, but there is no adequate space for larger appliances.

The character of this family of products, is compact , therefore they are available in 3 sizes of  2,3 & 4 GN 1/1 pans. Recently revamped, portable bain maries,their flexibilty is expressed via the 4 different available variations : with a full vitrine structure, with a single or a double sneeze guard, as well as, the plain version with no vitrine structure at all.

 Overall, Portable Bain Maries, are the small jewels of our Product range!