Quality is a core concept in INOMAK‘s philosophy and we are highly committed to it.We approach it from a Systemic point of view, focusing not only on Products’ & Operations’ Quality, but also caring about the Quality of the Environment and INOMAK’s impact on it.

Being consistent with our values we have established & successfully maintain the following Quality Systems:

ISO 9001 logo

We are an ISO 9001 certified company by the TÜV Nord  certification body, since 2004.

ISO 9001 valid 14-9-2018 en

We are an ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems ) certified company by Intertek Certification body.

Our  Environment related goals are:

  • The environmental-friendly management of liquid and solid waste,as well as, the control and the reduction of gas emissions from the company‘s operations.
  • The rational use of energy resources, operations’ optimisation for lower energy consumption and creation of a platform for the easier future use of “green” energy sources.
  • To control noise emission levels from the plant, as well as from the means of transportation.
  • To minimize the dangers from fuel leakages and to make the necessary actions deal with and/or to prevent fire.
  • The use of means of production and trasnportation based on modern environmental friendly technology ,when possible.

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