Stainless Steel Door Wall Cupboards

Increase your Storage space!


Wall Cupboards are one of the most useful piece of furniture in a kitchen, as they create storage space on the wall. The doors have double walls & are reinforced with injected polyurethane foam.

Although mainly used for glasses, plates’ storage, is essentially a general purpose wall-mounted cupboard with one adjustable stainless steel shelf, as standard, but they can accept additional shelves if necessary!



  • Material AISI 304 18/8-10
  • Robust Construction
  • shelf Double-wall doors, insulated with pressurized polyurethane foam
  • Adjustable shelf

Specs Table

Model Dimensions
ETS311A 1100x403x692
ETS314A 1400x403x692
ETS316A 1600x403x692
ETS319A 1900x403x692